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Lawn Varieties

Sir Walter

Australia’s Number 1

Sir Walter is by far our most popular lawn for the back yard. This soft leaf buffalo lawn grows in full sun and in shady positions. Sir Walter is thick and hardy, smothers weeds, and withstands traffic from pets and kids in the backyard. It is frost tolerant making it lush green look all year round so this is the lawn your neighbours will envy, it’s the lawn you just have to have!

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Nullarbor Couch

Ideal for large sunny areas

Nullarbor couch is a fine leafed variety and is suited for the spacious back yard with no shade, commercial areas and sports grounds. With a regular mowing and maintenance schedule and kept short it can have lovely manicured finish.

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Tropika Blue

Tropika is an improved cultivar of Queensland Blue Couch and has the ability to naturally supress weeds as it is allopathic where the root system emits a chemical and repels other grass and weeds from growing in the area.

Tropika is not as shade tolerant as Sir Walter Lawn but better than Green Couch and other Blue Couch Varieties.

Sir Grange

A Finer Choice

Sir Grange Zoysia has been tried and tested in as many as 5 different countries for nearly 20 years on golf courses to home lawns. Not only does its fine texture make it look fantastic, it has great shade and drought tolerance as well. Once established, Sir Grange will use up to 50% less water and nitrogen than other common turf varieties to stay green. Sir Grange has a very dense root structure, making it very difficult for weeds to penetrate. It’s also a slow growing variety making it very low maintenance.

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