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Installation Of Lawn

Clear the site

Remove all old grass and weeds.

Use 1 to 3 applications a week apart of a Glyphosate Herbicide
e.g Roundup that will kill all vegetation right down into the roots preventing them to regrow.

Once vegetation has died remove it by scapling with a mower or scraping the surface with a bobcat.

Measure the site

Turf measuring is a simple process, all you need to do is calculate the area you’ll need to turf. Take your time – break the area up in to small areas for accuracy.

See examples below:

A. Square or Rectangle:
Multiply the width (W) by the height (H). eg: 10 mW x 5.5mH = 55 m2

B. Circle:
Multiply the radius by itself then by 3.14. eg: 4 x 4 x 3.14 = 51 m2

C. Triangle:
Multiply the height (H) by the base (B) and divide by 2. eg: 10 mH x 8mB / 2 = 40 m2

Prepare the site

It is recommended to establish turf in a minimum of 100mm of good quality topsoil. Rotary hoeing the soil and incorporating organic material, i.e. chook manure pellets, is ideal.

If the site is hard and compacted, aerate and use gypsum to improve the soil. Rake the soil as flat as possible ready for turf.

1 cubic metre of topsoil will cover 10 m2 of area 100mm deep.

Spread fertilizer over the site

* New lawns establish well if you use a starter fertilizer.
Sir Launcher is ideal as it contains water crystals that hold water at the root zone.

3kg bucket will cover 100 m2, cost $30

Laying the turf

Important: Turf is a living product and requires good quality soil and lots of water to establish, install new turf immediately.

* On a hot day water down the site to prevent the ground burning the turf.
* Start laying the turf at a straight edge or pathway, butt slabs of turf tight against each other, do not leave gaps as weeds will grow through.
* Create a brick like pattern especially on slopes.
* Roll the turf well prior to watering.

Water the turf

Important: In a heat wave water daily to prevent heat/water stress to the lawn.

* Saturate the new lawn for 2 weeks, the first 24 hours are critical in making sure the slabs are completely wet through. Check by gently lifting a slab up and make sure the soil underneath and slab are well watered.
* Never let the slabs dry out or new roots will not grow.
* Once the turf is firmly rooted to the ground at approx 2 to 3 weeks, set up automatic sprinklers for 30 mins per section every second day.


* After 2 weeks give the lawn a light mow.
* Once established mow weekly.
* Be careful not to scalp a lawn, gradually lower the mower blade height over a period of several weeks.

Fertilize Regularly

For best results fertilize regularly with a good quality complete fertilizer, aim for every 2 to 3 months.
We have blended fertilizer suited for all varieties of lawn for CQ Region:
25kg covers 500m2, cost $45

For a green winter lawn remember to fertilize just before the weather turns cool.

Ongoing Maintenance

* Treat weeds and pests as they appear, call us at the Turf Farm for advice.
After winter, dethatch a thick lawn, top dress if the yard is uneven and fertilize well.