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When do I fertilize my lawn?

Here in the Central Highlands we recommend lawns to be fed with a complete turf fertilizer regularly every 8 to 12 weeks all year round and for the best results. Ensure you feed the lawn at Easter time ( Autumn) before going into the cooler months and in September (Spring) as the weather warms up fertilizing now will give the lawn a bright green flush. Visit Love Your Lawn or call us on the turf farm 07 49820575 for more lawn maintenance details.

What fertilizer should I use?

It is best to use a complete turf fertilizer with NPK (N= nitrogen, P= phosphorus, K= potassium)plus TE (trace elements), we stock a god range of sizes including Sir Walter Complete fertilizer. Call Phone 0749820575 or email to organize free delivery in Emerald or go online to our Lawn Store to view the extensive range of lawn care products.

How soon can my turf be delivered?

Generally 2 to 3 days from the time you order depending on the quantity of turf required and your delivery address. We harvest turf every Monday to Friday and small orders less than 50m2 can be done within 24 hours.

Can Emerald Green Turf take care of my landscaping?

Yes we can, we have a turf laying team avail to do large and small jobs and there are landscapers in the CQ region we can recommend to look after all you landscaping needs including automatic sprinklers and preparation of new house sites.

Can I lay new turf in winter?

Yes, Central Highlands has the perfect winter weather for new lawns due mild nights and sunny warm days. A new lawn requires less water to establish in winter

Does Emerald Green Turf have a turf laying service?

Yes .Please call (07) 4982 0575 for a quote as there is an additional charge.

How much water does my new lawn need?

During our Summer we recommend an established lawn should be watered every 30mins every 2nd day if automatic sprinklers are installed. Reduce watering over winter. A newly installed lawn needs to be kept wet for 2 weeks to promote good root development. For more detailed info please visit our Visit Love Your Lawn or call us on the turf farm 07 49820575.

How do I prepare my site?

Correct ground preparations is important for a successful lawn. Visit our Installation page for detailed information on site preparation and laying turf

How do I calculate how much turf I need?

Simply use our calculations on Installation of Lawn page.